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                  Changzhou Herbalife Motor Co., Ltd.
                  Phone:0519-88017916 88351154

                      Changzhou Kangbao Electromotor Co.,Ltd, located in Qishuyan District of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a corporation enterprise engages in the design, production and sales of motors. The manufacturing area covers 30,000 square meters with 280 employees. Our main products include single-phase and three-phase induction AC and DC motors for all sorts of air conditioner, cryogen-aeration equipment and environmental protection air conditioning ,cooling and ventilation units,other small devices with single and three-phase motors ,and DC brushless motor.. Our products are mainly sold to America, Europe, Africa, Asia etc, and products have gained high reputation in international and domestic markets.
                      The company has an annual production capacity at 1.5 million motors and present annual sale is one million motors. We are equipped with advanced computerized test and verify system, thus formed a production chain consists of design, optimizing, tooling, winding, insulating, metalworking, assembly test, and post sales service.

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                  ©2008 All rights reserved  Changzhou Kangbao Electromotor CO.,LTD.
                  Address:20th Paotong Road, Qishuyan, Changzhou, China
                  Tel:0519-88017916 Fax:0519-88352564 Zip:213000 E-mail:manager@kb-motor.com